We turn our Visions to Reality

MC - music culture technology was formed by professionals who have been involved in research, development and production of high-quality audio equipment for more than 30 years of experience. MC is proud to be considered as one of the world’s top manufacturers of sophisticated High End Audio products. Our engineers, experts in both analog and digital technologies, are, above all, passionate audiophiles.

We adhere closely to the design philosophy of “form follows function”, insuring that our designers create timeless products that exhibit a functional, classic and elegant look. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering products that provide maximum quality while simultaneously delivering the highest value for the price . We turn our visions to reality.

MC is a German-based company, with world class quality controlled standard manufacturing plants located in Berlin, Germany. Our factories are equipped with world class machinery and automation processes such as the Multi head CNC router machine and high speed prelatic auto rotary cutter. To further test the components we have a humidity chamber, acoustic chamber, vibration test machines, computerized testing machines and computerized acoustic analyzers (DAAS, CLIO, MIssa, LMS, LAPS) amongst others.

With highly experienced sound and acoustic engineers engaged in every step of the manufacturing and product development process, we are able to offer to different segments of customers; superb quality products at astute prices.