mc 801 Power Amplifier

A Proven Sound Technology

The Elegance Line was borne with the highest standard a-mongst the MC product range. As a result, MC has meticulously taken special care in all of its design criteria from product cosmetics, functionality, PCB layout, and components to craftsmanship.

They are there-fore based on the following de-sign principles that are trade-marks of MC; a highly sophisti-cated circuitry design guarantee-ing extra dynamics and highest performance, both shortest sig-nal path possible and a symmet-rical grounding system to mini-mize interference and delay, and all components are strategically matched by both electrical mea-surement and listening tests.

All key switching contacts are made of mono-crystalline copper (OFC /OCC) with a gold-plated finish-ing, enhancing the true sound reproduction of our MC products.