mc 500sp High Definition Network Server/Player

The High Definition Network Music Server/Player

After our awarded model mc501, we are finding good solution for building a replacement product of CD player. MC is carrying on the best sounding technologies to develop a brand-new server/player for the market which answers today need for a high-quality digital interface. We grasp this chance to introduce MC approach to digital audio with sound characteristics.

The mc500sp model is mostly design for a player together with some brand-new D/A functions for users to enjoy the double benefits of their hi-fi enjoyment.

Performances which serve the music: The technical improvement you will find in the mc500sp all target the same goal: the enhancement of the musical experience. Better defined spaces and ambiances, clear highs together with the sweetest midrange and punching solid mid-bass makes the whole tonal balance true to the original and brings you closer to the reference, live music.