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SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATION: Dr. John Richardson & John Fritz reviewed the mc 601

Achtung audiophiles! Want a taste of German engineering, performance, and build quality at a down-to-earth price? Then check out the offerings by Music Culture Technology, among which is the MC 601 solid-state preamplifier. The MC 601 is a truly lovely performer on all counts and a real looker in the audio rack. For the audiophile and music lover alike, it absolutely deserves your attention and audition.

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TODO BAJO CONTROL: Revista on/off reported about Music Culture

The Spanish Magazine Revista on/off reports about an MC setup containing the mc 331 loudspeaker, two mc 811.a mono block Power amplifier, an mc 601 preamplifier and the mc 501A CD/USB Dual Player.

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MC is proud to take part at the SIAV 2016 – Shanghai HiFi Show

Experince our latest Reference Line Products, such as mc 611 and mc 811.a Ampplifier at the SIAV 2016 – Shanghai HiFi Show …

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T.H.E. Las Vegas: See the Video of AV Showroom’s show report

AV Showrooms reports about MC’s show room at 2013 T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas, USA, where we showed the mc 331 Loudspeaker together with our mc 501A, mc 601, mc 701 and the 811.a Monoblocks.

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AV Showrooms: See the Video of Peter Breuninger’s RMAF report

AV Showroom’s Peter Breuninger reports about MC’s show room at RMAF 2011 in Denver, USA, where we showed the new 811.a monoblocks together with our award winning mc 601 and the mc 331 loudspeaker.

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